actonlab in alamosa / more about janet's observations at last night's dinner / by Philip Tarlow

7:53: just back from alamosa, where we continued introducing 3 classes of middle school kids to our actionlab curriculum as a way of finding their projects ideas and developing them. we won't have the digital version that they can click into until late october, so until then, we're hand delivering it. so far, they love it. but we can't for the life of us understand how teachers do this every day, day in day out. we're exhausted! and tomorrow, we're off to edwards, near vail, to work with the middle school kids there.  this is our second year in edwards, and we know & love the kids there, as well as the topnotch teachers.

in yesterday's post, about last night's dinner, i mentioned our friend janet's observations of and comments about some of my parade series paintings.she was especially excited about these shadows under the figures in parade 23, 60x60? which you see here.

and below are the individual figures she singled out. i brought up rubens as an example of a great artist who, i believe was was as excited about the opportunity for painterly strokes this beard provided him. in a similar way, these figures provided me the opportunity to to make those painterly, fluid liquidy marks.