dinner last night / zeroing in on parade 54 image / by Philip Tarlow

2:58 pm: so i've settled on the image for parade 54. it's related to parade 44, which you see here. the photograph it's based on was shot the past august in the denver art museum, where materials were provided for the kids to draw & paint. there's something about these 3 figures i find deeply moving. 



11:48 am: we had a great dinner with friends last night at our house. mikela cooked an excellent meal; our guests brought one of the best wines we've tasted; they got to see the entire parade series before it ships to houston; i was able to get a look at linde's amazing book of photographs of a remote region of chile; it was huge fun!

the photo on the right, intentionally blurred, may be a candidate for a future painitng.

i hung 4 of the parade series that don't fit in the house on my east studio wall, which is what i saw when i entered the studio this morning.