parade53 : slight tweak / deciding on image for parade 54 / by Philip Tarlow

parade 53     48x24"        oil on portrait linen

parade 53    48x24"        oil on portrait linen



12:10 pm: yesterday afternoon mikela came over & pointed out 2 areas in parade 53that needed slight lightening. anything off in a sensitive tonal painting like this one grabs the eye and takes the attention away. so i tweaked it, and she was indeed right. now the telltale quick glance passes the test, and this painting can be declared resolved.

now i'll move on the finalizing an image for parade 54.

by the way, you will be the first to know the exhibition title ron & i settled on during our phone conversation yesterday: ANO KATO , with the subtitle UPSIDE DOWN.  ANO KATO, in modern greek, literally means  upside down