back to creede / exhibition-talk / pik-a-painting / by Philip Tarlow

6:08 pm: back home. MUCH warmer here in crestone; about 10 degrees F above normal, with a high today of 78F. MUCH colder in creede! the entire  time i was on the phone with the gallery this morning, sitting outdoors on the deck, the tempreature was 41F.

just one more thing about coffee on the fly. i was there long enough to have experienced their rest room several times. it's a themed rest room, in keeping with the name of the coffee shop. here are a few photos:

12:02 pm: go to my parade series page. (link on the right) pick a painting of the 28 in the series that will be used  as an image on the invitation. let me know your choice either by email of on the comments section, below. this may be the first people's choice invitation to an exhibition!

10:35 am: i decided to come with mikela after all, so i'm back in creede, on the deck of coffee on the fly. she was burnt out on the drive, which is 100 miles each way. she also got to practice her 2 minute pitch. if she gets the green light, she can submit for a grant we'd like to get for the alamosa makers space, steamshop, which we're involved in she should be out of the meeting by noon. we'll have lunch & drive hime. if we have the energy, we'll walk up the trail when we get home. tomorrow i'll be back in the studio, choosing the image for parade 54, probably the last in the series. 

a few minutes ago i had a great talk with ron, owner of gremillion & co. fine art. we reviewed the 28 paintings in the series & decided i need to send about 22 of those. monday morning we'll make our final selection, settle on an image for the invitation and a title for the show. more later; gotta get back to editing actionlab curriculum.