creede, colorado / by Philip Tarlow

9:26 pm: on the drive home from creede, just before the turnoff for crestone, we saw this sky in the west.

may not join mikela in creede tomorrow so i can continue working on parade 53.

12:58 pm: we left the house at 9:20 for the 1.45 minute drive to creede, known for it's beauty and it's summer theatre: creede repertory theatre. we're here for the colorado rural philanthropy event, which runs through Friday. mikela wil be asking for funding for the makers space project we're involved with, called steamshop, in alamosa. i'm sitting at the local coffee shop continuing to proof the actionlab curriculum. i plan on completing my corrections by 9/29, when our IT team, mark & ken will load the curriculum onto the site. and BAM! suddenly, after years of work, the kids in the 4 schools where we'll be testing the product will be able to click in and actually use it! i'll be documenting the whole process, then editing the video to use as an evaluation and sales tool, once we start selling it next year.

BELOW photos from the road and of the beautiful town of creede. the last one, on the lower right shows the coffee shop, on the left, where i'm currently sitting.