yesterday's promised parade 53 process pics / continuing work on this painting / what's a "mahl stick?" / by Philip Tarlow

3:20 pm: here's where parade 53 is at right now. i got a late start, so i might work just a bit longer than usual. this is a strong image, and the lower 2/3 of the composition will balance out the strong presence of the figures you see here. i can't wait to get my hands on that lower portion, with it's reflections, transparencies and subtle fugue-like play of greys and ochres, punctuated by the stuccato of the glowing lights and structured by the criss crossing floor supports, which encase the elements of the glass floor modules, brilliantly designed by the architectural firm: bernard tschumi. parade 48 & 52 are also based upon photos of this museum. they can be viewed on my parade series page, link above right.


what's that i'm holding in the shot on the right? it's a mahl stick. here's the definition:

 A mahl stick is a stick or thin pole about a metre in length (three feet) with a ball-shape pad at one end, used as an aid in painting, particularly in oil painting. A mahl stick is useful when painting detail or when painting in a large area where the paint is still wet and you want to avoid touching the surface accidentally.

11:48 am: trying to get to work, but i wanted to post these parade 53 process pics i promised yesterday. click on each & mouse over for my comments on each. more when i have progress pics.