north crestone creek walk-yesterday & today / parade 53 / by Philip Tarlow

7:04 pm: just returned from another walk up the creek. i'll post more pics tomorrow; for now here are 2 horseback riders from saguache, about 45 minutes on the west side of the valley. and on the right: a painter would have a hard time creating patterns as beautiful as these.

3:09 pm: i completed the drawing a few minutes ago. the image is based on the series of photos i shot in 2010 of the interior of the then new acropolis museum in athens, greece. tsarouchis (go to my story page for details on the late greek artist yannis tsarouchis) used to tell me : if a particular subject or image continues to move you deeply emotionally and excite you visually, go for it. and that's the case here. i can't wait to get my brush going on this painting. the drawing is a little hard to make out, but if you click & make it full screen, you'll get some idea.

2:42 pm: 2:13 pm: you know robeson? wanna cry? watch this youtube biographical video

7:21 am: still on our summer schedule, we had all the windows wide open last night. this morning it was 37F, and i'm having to dress really warmly to make coffee.

i'll be making my final choice today for the image i'll use for parade 53, then starting the drawing.

yesterday afternoon we took another creek walk; here are some pics: