zeroing in on the image for parade 53 / learning from the great vuillard / by Philip Tarlow

2:13 pm: you know robeson? wanna cry? watch this youtube biographical video :

1:22 pm: found the image; doing the drawing. LISTENING to PANDORAJAM: john jacob niles singing barberry oyu know him? highly individualized singer, no longer living. first heard his voice and learned of him form my 1st girlfriend, when i was 16. a haunting, high pitched voice he had, with lots of passion.

1:24 pm: an unusual day. this morning i completed organizing and printing out 7 pages of images of all the parade paintings to date and got them to the PO. i sent them to ron, owner of gremillion & co. fine art tin houston, so that he can have time to review them and discuss which pieces to send for my show, opening nov. 5th. it's easier than trying to review them online and gives him time to look at them all, consider the sizes & shapes, etc.

below, i stand next to my easel with the newly completed parade 52. and on the right, the work of vuillard, a painter i always turn to for inspiration.

parade 53 will be 24x48, and i'm zeroing in on an image right now. more soon....