the green snake and other tales / parade 52 day 3 / b&w of '77 painting / by Philip Tarlow

4:48 pm: i'mback at the house. i stopped early to watch djokovic play federer at the US Open, but it's been delayed because of rain. and just when they'll be able to start playing, we're invited to a friend's house for a birthday dinner. so we'll record it.  

here's where i stopped today; not a huge amount of work, but good work. working on this painting feels increasingly like a musical fugue. the image is based on photos i shot in 2010 of the interior of then then just-opened acropolis museum in athens. the floors ore transparent, and reveal the ancient ruins uncovered during the excavation. combined with the reflections and shadows of the museum goers, a subtle tonal play of shapes is created. perfect for my painterly approach on this super fine french portrait linen.

yesterday afternoon we walked up north crestone creek trail. blissful as always, albeit a tad too hot. so we stopped at "the rock," a large landmark rock about a mile and a quarter up the trail, and decided to call it a day. on the way down, this vibrant green snake slithered across the trail directly in front of me. 

as we got closer to where we left the car, we passed what i call "the kiss." the tree has melded into the rock and the rock the tree, permanently engaged in a prolonged deep kiss.

once home, we were treated to yet another extraordinary sky.

7 pm sky looking east from our deck

7 pm sky looking west from our deck

9:49 am:i'll continue painting parade 52 in an hour.