painting as sex / roof repairs / studio portrait / by Philip Tarlow

2:57 pm: stopping here for the day so we can walk up north crestone creek

12:10 pm: it occurred to me, as i was painting this passage just now, that painting is sex. wet, slippery and juicy; out of control; extremely pleasurable and sensual; arousing; orgasmic............

and now, back to my easel

8:54 am: yesterday afternoon a crestone roof repair guy, who came highly recommended from a trusted friend, came to evaluate the roof leaks we've noticed in our upstairs living/kitchen space. another local guy had looked at it last month and gave us a dire report, with a very high repair estimate. we immediately took a liking to howarth, who, after examining the metal roof, gave us a far more accurate evaluation of the problem, along with photos to illustrate his points, taken with his smart phone. i made him coffee (he appreciated my passion for excellent raw beans) and he made most of the repairs in a few hours. he'll be back today to finish up.

howarth has done many things in his life, but he loves the sheer physicality of making repairs, and is working right now on a very big project at one of the many spiritual centers in crestone/baca. his tall lean body appears totally comfortable standing high up on our metal roof. his hands carry an intelligence and even, i would say, the sensitivity of an artist. 

i had to run back to my studio while he was here to complete the defrosting, way overdue, of my ancient little fridge in the studio. as i was leaving, i saw myself in the glass on my red door, and decided to take a couple of studio portrait shots in the warm, sweet afternoon light. notice the bottle opener on my key chain? always ready for a good beer.

in about an hour, i'll head over to the studio to continue work on parade 52 and, if i can find the time, fnally put one of my watches up for sale on eBay. the painting, which is 48"x48", is in an early phase, full of potential and giving clues as to where it wants me to go next. it seems very musical to me.

after learning of keith's death yesterday (scroll down to see the post) we're appreciating each other and our lives together even more. fragile, it is. 

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