lastnight's meeting / today's blend / starting parade 52?....nope! / by Philip Tarlow

12:50 pm: i've never shared any of the images i work from for the parade series. i'm sharing this, which is a detail of the image i'll be working from for parade 52, because i want you to get just why i'm having such a hard time getting started.

as you can see from this detail of the image on the right, which represents about 1/4 of the full image, this one is far more of an abstract composition of forms & colors than any of the others. it doesn't have a grouping of figures seen from above, a focal point that tends to create a story. one you make up, but a story nonetheless. the story here has to do with reflections, reflections of reflections, transparencies and an arrangement of organic and geometric shapes and colors reflecting my sensibility. for 3 days now i've found convenient, solid reasons to put off starting work on this painting. today is no exception. so now i'm putting it off till tomorrow, ostensibly to go back to the house and get a bit ahead of the game in my actionlab corrections, so that i can have a full painting day tomorrow. either this is going to be one hell of a painting or a huge disappointment!

7:48 am: last night's makers space meeting at the steamshop location in alamosa was a kind of a s--t or get off the pot moment. collectively, the group concluded we can't just keep meeting indefinitely without actually opening for business, even though we're still lacking in funds and equipment, and don't have the ideal space. so next wednesday afternoon, steamshop will open it's doors. as a fist step, founding members will show up to work on projects they've already got in the works. mikela and i have a commitment that afternoon, so we'll show up the following wednesday, and i'll work on a video editing project i've got going. gradually, students and adults from the community will become aware of steamshop & start showing up. and in the mean time, we'll start pitching to various entites, mostly local, to generate the funding we need for more equipment and, ultimately, a bigger and better space.

What is it?

A makerspace is a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build. Makerspaces provide tools and space in a community environment

today's blend of beans i roasted in the past few days. when mikela sipped the first cup, she declared today Official Standout Coffee Day!

so now i'll be doing some more editing of actionlab curriculum before heading to my studio to start parade 52.