our salida trip yesterday / continuing parade 51/ the yak / a new school arises from the rubble / by Philip Tarlow

3:29 pm: i'm stopping here for the day. all the work i did today can be found in this detail. the full painting is below.

parade 51, 35x56" at the end of my painting day today

1:39 pm: here's the current state of parade 51:

1:43 pm: this morning before starting to paint i put together a proposal for a commission. i won't say any more about it unless it happens. part of the process was creating a business card that would go with the subject, which you see on the left, below. the other two images are of my lunch, which i'm eating right now.

our local yak herd seen yesterday grazing just off the "T" road, 10 miles from crestone

8:16 am: as i had mentioned, we drove to salida yesterday for a doctors appointment and to celebrate completion (for the most part) of the actionlab curriculum. our dinner at moonlight pizza was delicious, as was the local pale ale. on the way back, we saw this local herd of yak grazing. they are much wilder in spirit that cattle; no comparison. and of course they're used to the tibetan high altitude and very cold temps. so our 7,500 ft. valley is a walk in the park for these guys, accustomed as they are to 11-12,000 ft. altitudes.

we also saw the ruins of the just demolished moffat school in big piles, in front of the brand new recently completed school in moffat, about 15 miles from crestone. i was on the local planning commitee last year, where we discussed the various architectural options. as representatives of our community, we  had a voice in critical planning decisions before the final plans were drawn up by the architectural firm that had won the bid. we had to match the grant money the state was offering, which we were able to do.

when i head to the studio around 10am, i'll continue painting parade 51. this painting is based on photos i shot from above at the july 31 opening at space gallery in denver. here's a detail.