the pop-up restaurant dinner a huge success!! / back to work in my studio / by Philip Tarlow

6:45 pm: we went out to pick up fresh veggies and fruit from our friends suzanne & kent telinde. they come to crestone every thursday, 207 miles from austin, colorado. they are a wonderful couple with great fresh produce at great prices. on the RIGHT, kent with his beloved daschund, a constant companion.




3:56 pm:



parade 48 at the end of my painting day today:


2:46 pm: i've got another hour or so of work in me. then i'll move on to making actionlab corrections. it's scheduled to be ready to pilot in the schools september 1, and so far everything is moving along on schedule.

on the LEFT: the new figure i painted this morning, along with the strip of dark grey floor.

BELOW: parade 48 as it looked about 1/2 hour ago. next, i'll wrap the floor around the top of the composition, which will give the entire painting a more contained feel, and define the space.




parade 48  56x68"  oil on portrait linen, as it looked at 2:30 today

12:22 pm: last night at the presbyterian church in alamosa, mikela & julie's pop-up restaurant class kids held a final dinner. the kids cooked & served the meal, with 3 appetizers and 3 main course lasagna selections, plus a delicious desert, a cookie decorating contest and a magic show accompanied by a violinist! drawing material were provided at each table, and the guests were encouraged to draw on the paper tablecloths we had laid out. the brown & white rolls of paper were accessed from my studio, where i use it to make collages.

i've got to get to work, so i'll talk more about it later, but BELOW are some pictures i took, which speak for themselves.

TODAY'S STRAP:the watch strap i chose for today is by toscana of italy. the calf skin is soft & comfortable and the color of the stitching matches the lettering on the watch face. i applied some leather conditioner this morning, which darkened the leather by about 25%.