morning skies / preparing for parade 51 / a handsome devil / / by Philip Tarlow

8:12 pm: no internet until now, and it's still spotty. after i completed the drawing, these big thunderstorm cells arrived from the west. the skies darkened, torrential driving rain, temperatures dropped. we are the blue dot on this map.

I'll stretch the canvas and start the painting tomorrow. as i made the drawing, i was looking hard at the large sculpture to the left of the 3 figures. i fell in love with it's colors and patterns. it may be the emotional focus that sustains my energy through the process.

11:25 am: so this is not the photo i'll be drawing from for parade 51, but it was taken the same evening, at the space gallery opening on july 31st.

cool space, don't you think?








11:08 am: upon entering my studio a few minutes ago, this is what i saw: the just completed parade 50, and hanging next to it, the recently completed parade 49. "handsome devils," i thought. not an expression i use. so who said that? did i have a sense8 moment? we did watch episode 8 (again) last night.

8:24 am: our internet is down, so this might not post. beautiful skies this morning as we took our walk. heading to the studio in an hour or so  to make the drawing for parade 51 and stretch the 35x56" canvas. on the right, a veiw of spanish meadow as we walked our 2.2 miles this morning.