final-final parade 50 tweaks / crestone peak on bedroom wall / a longer walk / allergy relief / prep for parade 51 / by Philip Tarlow

5:15 pm: i found the image parade 51 will be based on. it's a photo i shot at a space gallery opening on july 31. tomorrow i'll create the drawing on the 35x56" linen, stretch it and beready to start painting thursday morning. space is a very beautiful contemporary open design with metal stairs leading uo to an upstairs gallery. that's where i was when i shot this photograph. what really sealed the deal and set this one apart from the 20 or so i shot that night is the reflection of one of the paintings in the floor. more tomorrow. right now, while mikela makes lentil soup, i'm moving on with my proofing of the actionlab curriculum. i'm working on a chapter titled find the story, and i completed one this morning titled visibility. although these are exercises designed for middle and high school kids, i'm getting tremendous value from them.


1:03 pm: a little while ago in re-examining parade 50, i found a few areas that needed work. so i did some final-final tweaks. this afternoon it will be walked over to the house and hung in our entryway, where we can gaze at it every day & give it the final seal of approval as a completed painting.







this painting of crestone peak as seen from our deck was sitting for months with other paintings in a corner of our bedroom. yesterday i hung it on the east wall of the bedroom. i used to have a dim view of this painting, which was done in about 1999, but i'm appreciating it now that it's hung. painted in oil on linen, it's about 28"x40"."





11:42 am: we extended our walk to 45 minutes this morning. we walk parallel to the beautiful spanish meadow the entire way. today, as has been the case for the past week or so, the visibility was severly limited by the haze from the numerous wild fires burning out of control in neighboring states, as far away was washington and alaska.

we are still plagued by persistant allergies, far worse this season due to the record breaking rains. this morning a little before 6, just before setting out for our walk, i remembered the formula put together by lillian of green earth farms in saguache, across the valley,  half an hour away. i knew i had a bottle from last season, and when i searched my medicine cabinet, there it was! i put a dropper full under my tongue and felt relief 5 minutes into our walk! I'm about to take another dose, the second of the 2-3 a day she recommends.



yesterday i made myself a really delicious omelette here in the studio. i sauteed veggie sausage & baked potatoes from the previous night, added fresh garlic & doused the whole thing with yinyang ot sauce, which has organic ingredients & is made in small batches in boulder, co., 4 hours from here. the bread is toasted prussian rye, which we hot at whole foods on our last trip to denver. the jam is my favorite: tangerine marmalade by stone creek farms of york, maine.


but i procrastinate: what will the next painting in the parade series be? stay tuned; i'm searching through my images. in the mean time, this next 56x35" painting will use up the remainder of my artfix portrait linen, so it's time to order another roll.