continuing work on parade 50 / by Philip Tarlow

8:32 pm: MUST WATCH:

4 pm: i painted until just now, and there's still an area in the middle between the two wheels that's incomplete. so i'll save that for tomorrow morning, when i'm fresh.

BELOW: 2 details of parade 50. this painting has a quality none of the others in the series have. a softness. and a sense of the space that really does make you feel that you're suspended above the painting looking down, feeling a bit of vertigo. in addition, i think it probably shows the controversial denver museum of art's architecture in the best possible light. there are no 90 degree angles; not the ideal space for showing paintings. but from this perspective, it works.

12:09 pm: making good progress; the space is gaining in coherence rapidly, and the stairs on the left will kick it into perspective and add richness. the tweaking, either late today or tomorrow morning, will be especially important in this painting. like the final tuning of a fine instrument, it will make the difference and allow it to sing. and that, after all, is the whole point, isn't it?

if you're wondering about the painting partially visible on the studio wall, it was made in 1979 in athens, and is a series of 4 paintings in oil on canvas mounted on board. it's a fisherman on the island of andros telling the story of a miracle that happened when he was a child in asia minor. movies were a new thing then, and the new movie theatre, a wooden structure was packed with parents who had brought their kids to see a film. half way through the film broke and they couldn't repair it. so everybody filed out, deeply dissapointed. when the last person was out, the wooden building burst into flames and burnt to the ground in under an hour. they were saved, said the fisherman, by the protectress of their town, the panaghia, or virgin mary as we know her.

10:36am: just arrived in my studio and am able to view parade 50 with fresh eyes, since i was not in my studio yesterday. looking good, but there's still quite a lot of work to be done. work? did i say work? no, no....this is not work. i don't really know what to call it. just painting i guess. here are a couple of details of the painting as it looks right now. i'll post more pics as i continue painting. the dog sculptures in the foreground are challenging to paint. if i have a good day, i could actually complete this one by this afternoon.....

on the RIGHT: a photo of me shot by a french photographer in NYC in the late '80's,