a most unusual day..... / by Philip Tarlow

8:57 pm: what a cool event! i'm too tired to go into detail, so i'll leave that for tomorrow. suffice it to say, the event, which was our summer camp showcase, was very well attended: about 50 people showed up. liquid nitrogen ice cream was made on the spot; the summer camp teachers shared about their experience & what they envision for next summer; parents were over the top excited about & grateful for the camp; it was just a very wonderful experience. the new principal of the middle school in alamosa showed up & was very impressed with what we had accomplished. here'a  pic of one of the kids with the robots he built in the summer camp robot class.

12:22 pm: at this point in the day i would normally be painting. but today is not a normal day. this morning at 8:30 we had a google hangout with our two IT partners, ken & marc. we're only 2-3 weeks away from having our product, actionlab, "clickable" and ready to begin testing in the colorado schools we've targeted. so we're going over details, solving problems, etc.

once the hangout was complete, i came over to the studio to edit a 2 minute video of our pop-up dinner on august 4th so we can show it to those attending tonight's event in alamosa, where parents and students will evaluate our first ever SLV summer camp and offer their thoughts about how to improve it next summer. the pop-up restaurant class this summer was part of the camp curriculum.

in the mean time, now that i've completed my editing and created a quicktime movie, i'll scoot back to the house to get in as much time as i can making corrections to the actionlab curriculum before we leave for alamosa at 3. 

we'll get back from alamosa late, so i'll report about tonight's gathering tomorrow morning, when i should be able to resume work on parade 50.