parade 48 continues / finding a work flow for actionlab corrections / by Philip Tarlow

6:54 pm: while in denver yesterday, we went to trader joe's. you can break up 6 packs of beer & get just one or two, so, since they don't carry my favorite: mirror pond, i got a variety of beers i have never tried. some in 6 packs, some singles.

we also got some bars of their chocolate. we'd never tried it before, and so far it's all very good. the prices were amazing! the best so far is not in this photo. it dropped on the floor & shattered, so i put it in a jar & thoughtlessly tossed the wrapper. i think i can find it again, since the main characteristic was pepper seasoning, so it has a very attractive bite to it. 

tonight mikela made a most excellent salad, using the sweet tomatoes and tasty avocados we get at costco. quite delicious with my olive oil, lemon & honey mustard dressing and a bit of israeli feta, which is less salty than the greek. time for some tv. good night! tomorrow after my painting day we drive to alamosa for a meeting. same tuesday & wednesday.

3:32 pm: i made a lot of progress today. you can begin to get a sense of the whole now, even though a key figure wearing red on the upper right hasn't yet entered the picture. as well as a dark strip of floor on the right that frames the image in a cool way.

it's the transparent floor that gives the image that extra ooomphf, that painterly quality that kind of makes each of the rectangles in the growing grid a composition unto itself, anchored by the figures in the space. i can't wait to see what happens next!

10:58 am: just now getting back to work on parade 48. this morning was my first day experimenting with using my new macbook air to make corrections to one chapter of the curriculum. i plan on doing 2 more chapters this afternoon after i finish painting. if i can keep up that pace, i'll be able to complete the corrections on time, with our septmeber 1 launch date in mind. when i say launch date, i simply mean we intend to begin testing the product in a select number of middle & high schools starting early septmeber, and these corrections need to be completed in time to allow our IT team to load the curriculum and have it ready for use by students and teachers.

BELOW: parade 48 as it looked when i entered the studio this morning. more pics when available.