4 days in 1 / starting parade 50 / a new bag for my macbook air / by Philip Tarlow

4:04 pm: so here's where i stopped for the day. i'm more turned on by the image than i had thought. the best is yet to come; in the lower right quadrant is a red area with sculptures of dogs running about.....another sculpture exists roughly in the center of the image, which looks like a kind of infernal machine......wait till tomorrow!

1:53 pm: here's an early stage view of parade 50, 56x35" work will continue, probably for another hour & a half.

11:43: 1-our 6 am 2 mile walk, today in refreshing, mosquito-free 48F temps  2- making mikela's coffee, freshly roasted yesterday. today's cup: a unique blend of 3 ethiopians 3-an hour of corrections to one of 8 sections of chapter 6 of our curriculum, titled communicate, followed by my morning meditation. (the countdown has begun; in just 3 weeks we'll begin introducing actionlab, our startup educational product, to the teachers & students in 3 colorado schools, documenting their responses and visiting regularly to guide and answer questions that will arise.) 4- my 500 ft. commute to the studio, where i'm about to begin painting parade 50.

i got a new bag, designed in australia, for my new 13" macbook air. it's about as slender and spare as it could be, while still having sufficient pockets for my other stuff.

and now, lets get started on this new painting. pics, as usual, as they become available.