with a little help from our friends: the corrected arm in parade 49 / last night's trip to the emergency room leads to a great pizza... / by Philip Tarlow

2:48 pm: ok, that's it. i'm canceling our amazon prime membership & never buying from amazon again. wanna know why? copy & paste this in your browser, read it and weep. this is what we've become? this is why our grandparents (mikela's & mine at least) fought for worker's rights? it's really disgusting, and when i read it i resolved to do my small part and not support this behavior.


12:19 pm: i got an email from my friend wendy. amongst other things, she pointed out a problem with the painting of the upper right arm of the little girl in parade 49. her observation was accurate, so i just now corrected it. BELOW: the BEFORE & AFTER shots, and the newly revised painting.


yesterday afternoon we went to elephant cloud to shop for groceries. as we left, around 4:45, something went wrong with the vision in my left eye. when i closed my right eye, what i saw was a kind of beige colored blanket that descended from top to bottom, blocking about 40% of my vision in that eye. it lasted only about 15-20 minutes, but i kind of knew this is one of the warning signs of a detached retina, so when we got home, we researched it, after which i called the emergency number provided by my ophthalmologist in denver. he said to go to the nearest emergency room & have it checked out.

knowing that if proved to be a detached retina, we'd have to drive another 3 hours to the hospital in denver, we piled a change of clothing & toilet kit in our car before heading to the hospital in salida. 

to make a long story short, the doctor in attendance, dr. gross, a very sweet & competent guy, looked deep into my eye and confirmed i did not have a detached retina. we were, by this time....about 8 pm, very hungry. in crestone we never eat out; there are no good restaurants. so we decided to treat ourselves to a pizza at the pizza place we usually go to. our nurse, when she heard our plans, directed us to her favorite pizza place: moonlight pizza & brewpub. 

she was so right! WAY better than the one we normally eat at. and now we have leftover pizza for tonight! 

i'm a bit out of it today; we got back late & it's hotter than i'd like. so i'm going to try & prepare fo the next parade painting, stop early, go back to the house & correct a couple of chapters to stay on schedule, and...