perseids meteor shower seen at 4am / parade 49 continues / parade 48 in our living room / by Philip Tarlow

3:03 pm: i may stop here for today. i promised brian at gremillion a couple of folders with painting candidates for a client of his by end of day today. but i feel good about the work i did, especially considering we were up at 4 checking out the perseids meteor shower!

1:42 pm: i've got my ipod shuffle on. segovia came on. i remembered, as my dad lay dying in new lebanon, new york, i had brought my ipod and i chose segovia to accompany him. i've always wondered, did he like it? would he have preferred no music at all, or some other music? and now that we've seen some episodes of proof, a tv serial that explores the question of life after death, the question arises even more insistently. medicine would have said he was too far gone at that point. but i know he was listening. he had been preparing himself for this moment. he wasn't afraid. you could even say he was excited. so tell me dad, did i do the right thing?

keb' mo': perpetual blues machine  no comment; just listen.

12:02 pm: i just arrived at my studio. quite late. when i saw parade 49, my heart leaped. these details are, in all modesty, superb examples of the painterly, and the marriage of the realist and the abstract. scroll down to yesterday's post to view the complete painting and the context for this detail.

ok, gotta get straight to work if i'm going to get anything done today. i have some things to take care of after i'm done painting. so get your ass moving philip!

9:55 am: running a tad late; about to meditate. we actually went was 50 F....and watched the perseids meteor shower this morning. it was worth it. at least one a minute, as predicted by keno, and really quite wonderful.

BELOW: parade 48 leaning against the north wall of our living room waiting to be hung. but not for long; it will be shipped to houston, along with at least 10 others in the series, in  the not too distant future.

are you a mac user? have you discovered the freedom and relief of turning off auto-correct? the straw was yesterday, when i posted about the perseids meteor shower and it became pressure.