the canvas for parade 49 has been stretched; ready to start painting...&here's stage 1! / by Philip Tarlow

2:56 pm: against all odds, i started painting parade 49. didn't sleep that well, it's too hot; i have to deal with fucking mice....nonetheless, i started. tomorrow we have a meeting in alamosa, but we don't have to leave till about 4, so if i get to the studio early, i should be able to get in a full day of work on this new one. what do you think?

i'm wiped out, so i'll clean my brushes, take care of a few loose ends & go back to the house, where i'll finish making corrections on the third actionlab chapter (did 2 this morning) in the details section. it's all about ways of looking at the details in your project, and is full of cool exercises and examples kids will love.

12:46 pm: i'm running late today. i had to deal with a mouse problem and a phone problem. the land line in my studio is not working, and it may be due to mice having eaten through the wires. i've only had the odd mouse show up dead every six months or so. but last night, after i found a dead one in my loft i put out stickies and i found 2 this morning. when i went up to the loft to investigate, i discovered one of the phone wires eaten through. so before i start work, i've got to address these issues.

BELOW: the drawing for parade 49 on the stretched linen. the image was shot in the denver science museum. a mother holds her daughter's coat for her to put on. a many colored rug runs the length of the image vertically. both mother and daughter wear intricately patterned clothing. there is a moment of silent expectation before the daughter is safely ensconced in her coat and her mother's arms.

3:12 pm: we got some beets for our friends suzanne & kent last thursday. i brought this one to my studio and ceremonially boiled & ate it with some olive oil & seasoning, and it was delicious. but just look at it for a moment. is it not beautiful? could i paint this beet? you bet! will i? could be.

believe it or not, and, if you've been following my blog posts, i know you'll think either i'm a nut job or just a particular brand of narcissist, but after trying this ceramica watch with 3 tor 4 different straps, i'm now back to the original panerai strap, which i now see was a very carefully considered choice on the part of the italians. it's a tan-ish color, which exactly matches the letters & numbers on the dial. but, being suede, it picks up dirt easily & is hard to keep clean.