next 5 paintings in my parade series / by Philip Tarlow

7:16 pm: so i was able to complete the drawing and stretch the 56x12" canvas, and am ready to start painting tomorrow morning. Also, i put together 2 sets of stretcher bars: 68x56" and 56x18" for the next 2 paintings. so that, as soon as my trigger finger surgery has healed sufficiently to allow me to work, i can launch right in. it was a bit of a setback energetically to have to abandon parade 47, but it was a smart move to cut my losses and move ahead. i was a bit depressed for 24 hours, but i bounced back and am eager to get back to work tomorrow.

BELOW: shots taken yesterday afternoon at the first wednesday session of 5 of our slv summer camp photography class, taught by myself and martin at adams state university in alamosa, colorado.

noon: the next 5 paintings in my parade series, parade 47-51 have been planned out. the parade 47 painting i posted about on july 7th was unsuccessful and i abandoned it. i'm about to start a new parade 47, which will be 56x12" possibly as early as tomorrow. the drawing should be complete by late afternoon today. the image is drawn from the photos i shot of a sidewalk artist in denver. i've already used some of this imagery in parade 30, 40 and 42. click on the link below to view these paintings in the parade series: