greek drama peaking / parade 47 abandoned / by Philip Tarlow

5:41 pm: i've decided not to work any more on this painting. i started it too quickly in my attempt to get as much done as possible before my trigger finger surgery next monday. it's not in the spirit of the body of work i've been creating: the parade series. parade 46, on the other hand, (photo on the left) represented a new level of development. so i'll set it aside, possibly return to it one day or maybe flip it over, prime the reverse and re-use it.

now it's pouring again. we're meeting our friends dan & lilly for dinner in 45 minutes & maybe it will stop by then. tomorrow will be a big day in the negotiations with the EU in brussels. either a deal will be agreed on or greece will lurch out of the euro and into the unknown.

3:22 pm: end of my painting day. it's hard to say at the moment; i've looked too long at this painting to have clear judgement, but i think i may have done good work today. i had to be willing to depart from the strict guidelines i arbitrarily set for myself yesterday, to keep the gamut of colors to black, white & grey. it was in my head, where it seemed like an exciting idea. as soon as i allowed myself to venture beyond those parameters and began introducing notes of flesh tones and blue, the painting found it's tone and began to sing. and along with it, so did i. we'll see on thursday if it seems resolved. tomorrow is the first day of the photography class martin and i are leading as part of the SLV summer camp in alamosa. stay tuned to the guardian newspaper tomorrow. it will be a critical day for the talks on greece.


2 pm update: current state of parade 47,  amidst rounds of very heavy downpours and poor natural light in the studio.







12:56 pm: latest development. i may be finding my way. too early to tell. the situation is parallel with the talks on the greek crisis.

just now: The White House has confirmed that President Obama spoke with Angela Merkel today, and pushed her to avoid Greece leaving the eurozone.








11:17 am:  it's really gotten dark. dark as a pine tree in a barrel, as they say (who says that??) but now i've squeezed my colors onto the palette, and will dive in.

as of yet, greece has not put forth a new proposal and the clock is ticking. copy & paste this link to your browser if you are interested in live updates from the guardian:

parade 47 is presenting a unique problem. i really don't know where to go next. i'm about to dive in and will post updates later today.