continuing work on parade 46 / / by Philip Tarlow

3:36 pm: i've stopped for today. i'm taking it slow with this one, and enjoying every moment. as soon as i start feeling tired and unable to give my full attention to each stroke, i call it quits. the trick, always, is to maintain the level of passion and engagement i feel the first moment i put brush to canvas.


it's a delicate balance. something guides you, tells you where to go next. when that voice grows faint or disappears, it's time to stop. when you start getting literal and forget the demands of the composition, the space, time to stop. when you are not making discoveries as you go, building discovery on discovery, time to stop.


when you emerge from the dream and imagine what you are doing is real, is an activity, even a process or a painting, time to stop.


when you forget, stop dancing, think you are doing it, painting, making a painting, time to stop.


when you




time to st



11:21 am: ABOVE: morning matcha tea in dan's excellent bowl, one of yesterday's palettes, which will be incorporated into a future collage 

10:37 am: as the monsoonal flow continues over the san luis valley, dark skies will make continuing work on parade 46 challenging.

the skies above crestone peak, 14,300 ft., at 10 am this morning

BELOW: a couple of details of parade 46 as it appeared this morning.

BELOW: what you see when you open one of the drawers in my flat file: