last night's post / starting parade 48 this morning / a new strap / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL: parade 48 at 3 pm today

3:30 pm: a very exciting day it's been. this is the most scared i've been about starting any painting in the parade series. maybe because i felt the potential but didn't know if i could live up to what i visioned. it's a smashing beginning, but then, that's true of many of the paintings in this series. the trick is to maintain that flow, that enthusiasm, that feeling that the spirit is moving through me, and not stop to ask questions. as manio, my grand daughter in greece once said when she was about 3 and first heard me say the word doing, "doing-doing-doing-doing...."she just like the sound of it!

2:07 pm: lots of new pics, but no time right now to post them. soon. soon. just poetry in my head. just words.

away, away, you booty faced sparrows

no no  no you speechless gawkers

afraid, he asked

of what? homer was not afraid

when he started the odyssey.

was he?


brunch with jacob. scroll down to yesterday's post to read about it.

7:37 am: i just now completed yesterday's post, which i was too tired to complete last night. so if you scroll down, you can read about jacob van ruisdale, great dutch golden age landscape painter. i'll post more as soon as i get to my studio. today is egg day though, so i have to go pick up 2 dozen of judy's spectacular eggs, and stop at the post office to get a small package from austria containing a new,beautiful hirsch curved end sheep skin strap with red stitching for my ball engineer diver watch, which now has the OEM rubber strap.this may not be that interesting to you, i am aware.think about it this way: my attraction to/ obsession with beautiful watches and straps, is not all that far from my love for the work of jacob van ruisdale.

so what's this brunch i see? sautéed veggie sausage, veggie bacon, tomato, onion & italian seasoning scrambled with 1 of judy's eggs accompanied by a piece of prussian rye toast with tangerine marmalade.


update: after all that waiting, the dam strap doesn't fit my watch! looks terrific, but if the strap doesn't fit, you must return-it!!


BELOW: left & center: my ball engineer diver with the OEM rubber strap. right: the new hirsch curved end strap i'll be picking up from the PO in an hour. this watch is water resistant to 300 meters, so with the original ball rubber strap i can wear it in the shower, swimming, etc. the hirsch strap is nappa sheep skin with a softglove lining, and not water proofed, so those options will be out. on the other hand, i love the feel of a well made, soft leather strap, and i think the red stitching i chose will nicely pick up the accents of red (gmt indicator) in the watch face, and the curved end will create a more seamless look. we shall see.

SPACE GALLERY collage candidates

on thursday we drive to denver for action lab meetings with our team. they have made great progress over the past few weeks, as has mikela with the curriculum. then we'll go by space gallery, where my work is now represented in denver. i've already dropped off about 10 large collages, and on thursday i'll deliver an equal number of smaller abstract collages, some of them framed. below are 2 candidates, although i haven't yet made a final selection.


on friday i have a morning appointment with my surgeon, who will remove the stitches in my now healed hand. so that means only 4 more days of having to put this latex glove on and tape it securely every time i take a shower,


and finally in today's post, a photo of the sky and the mountains as they appeared just outside my studio at about 11 am. after many days of monsoonal moisture and uncharacteristically moist weather, we're back to our dry, crisp, clear skies, with seemingly unlimited sharp visibility. the humidity is just 24%.