back to alamosa / drawing for parade 48 / looking back / by Philip Tarlow

martin showing how to use one of the student's cameras yesterday in our SLV summer camp photography class 

10:26am: i have about an hour to work on the drawing for parade 48, which will be 56x68." the image is based upon photos taken from above at the acropolis museum in athens in 2010.

yesterday's class went quite well....gotta get to work if i'm going to get anything done by the time we leave...

BELOW: images form my 2013 solo exhibition at gremillion & co. fine art in houston. my november 2015 show of parade series paintings will take place in the exact same space. not yet sure, but once i complete this current series, i may make a new series of abstract collages, which will be informed by these realist parade paintings. i can't tell you what they'll look like, obviously, but i can say with certainty they'll be quite different form the work you see below. i'm in a different space now.