off to photography class in alamosa / by Philip Tarlow

7:16 pm: it was a long day, having gotten up at 4:30. the class went well, and the students as well as martin enjoyed the hockney interview i played them. you can find it on my july 20 post.

i suggested the assignment i spoke of in yesterday's post, and we got started right away, heading outside to shoot photos of a topic of their choice and then come back to figure out how to select and arrange them in a grid. i took some shots of a mustang parked outside, and of martin checking out one of the cameras and made atentative arrangement, which i'll work more on before the next class.

we're both wiped out, so i'll sign off for the night. we have yet another trip to alamosa tomorrow, where we have an important actionlab meeting scheduled. more tomorrow....

6:46 am: at about 10, we'll leave for alamosa, a one hour drive. i'm accompanying mikela first, for her preparations with our friend julie for their pop-up restaurant class this afternoon. it's lasagna day. sadly, today they won't be bringing us a mid-afternoon treat, as they did last week. then i'll meet martin in our classroom at adams state university to plan for our class. home probably by 8 or so, and i'll try to post about our adventure.

BELOW: one of my all time favorite quotes, which i include in my posts now and then, as a reminder of what the real deal is.