completing work on parade 47 / ideas for tomorrow's photography class / brunch with monet / by Philip Tarlow

2:51 pm: here is the completed parade 47





12:37 pm: BELOW middle photo: a detail of parade 47 showing the bits i worked on so far today: the box of colored chalks on the lower left, which constitute the materials of this 2010 denver sidewalk artist. as well, a photo of today's brunch & my reading material, and the magic a frame can create. this is a february, 2014 collage titled cyber-coil, 26x26 cm., framed in an inexpensive IKEA frame we picked up last week. it emerged from my drawer of collages; over 100 of them, and came into it's own simply by being placed in a frame. it's impressive what a frame can do. as tsarouchis (my greek friend & mentor) said in a characteristically pithy, humorous way "the frame is the john of the painting." it's funnier in the original greek.

        johnny depp

this morning i'm about to resume and possibly complete work on parade 47, a detail of which you see below on the left. while making mikela's coffee earlier, i was thinking about ways of approaching tomorrow's photography class in alamosa, which is a part of our slv summer camp program. mikela, in her process of researching articles and images, came across this image of johnny depp, made up of a number of individual shots that give an overall impression of depp, without being a classical portrait. what i'm thinking of doing, after consulting with my co-instructor, martin, is to give the students an assignment for our next class, a week from tomorrow, to create a landscape, a portrait, and one other category of their choosing in this style, and bring it to class for evaluation. martin will evaluate the technical aspects, and i'll critique the aesthetics, with some natural overlap. i'm thinking that tomorrow, once we review the shots they took over the past week, we can get them started on this assignment, so that if they have questions, we will be there to answer them.

BELOW: this morning's 6 am sky, once again announcing possible afternoon monsoonal storms. i shot it as we took our half hour walk near our house. in the center, looking west over the valley, with low lying fog visible in the distance. and on the right: looking east, the sky above crestone peak. they are not too sharp, as i shot them with my iPhone while walking & didn't have a steady hand. on the left: a detail of parade 47, as it appeared before starting work this morning.