more RAM / more discoveries / by Philip Tarlow

10:14 am: today i'm beginning the planning phase of parade 48, which will be 68"x56"....a large painting by my standards. i have an idea what the image might be, so i'm going to play around with it, cropping this way and that and see what comes of it.

a few days ago martin, with whom i'm teaching the photography class at the slv summer camp, came over and installed 8GB of RAM i purchased online, to solve my problem of excessively slow speeds on my iMac. once it was installed, that gave me a total of 12GB of RAM instead of 4. it worked, and i'm thrilled. it's a big pain in the ass to have to wait for the spinning wheel every time i want to do something.

continuing my review of the 8,000+ photographs i have stored in iPhoto from over 5 years of shots with my iPhone, here area few more discoveries i made along the way. scroll down and read yesterday's post to discover how my interest in workmen dates back to when i was 4 years old, in a brooklyn kindergarten. so if you have a 4 year old, or know one, be aware that the direction of his or her entire life might rest in a spark of interest, perhaps overt, perhaps just beneath the surface.

it's all a big gift, man. the natural beauty that surrounds us; our need to make art; friends (yes dan, that includes you); loving relationships; bunnies;; and let's not forget our ability to order art supplies online and have them arrive in days.