discoveries / by Philip Tarlow

4:24 pm: yesterday's photography class at the SLV Summer Camp, led by Martin and myself, went well. i suggested we visit two other classes: Robots and Stop Motion Video, and that each student take photographs that would tell the story of what they perceived was going on in these classes. Then we'd come back to our room, project their photos onto the screen and evaluate them. martin did the technical analysis, and i evaluated them in terms of how they told the story and which shots, consciously or, or often not, captured iconic moments which, in some cases, transcended the event itself. it was fun, and i think the students felt they had progressed in their skills.

today, and until my hand is healed sufficiently and i can begin painting again, i continued combing though the 8000 photos i've shot with my iphone over the past 5 years or so. i put the ones i thought could be interesting into a folder labeled actionlab, for use on our site. and i ran across others i thought might be useful in these posts. here are a few. if you click on them and mouse over, you can read my comments on each of them.