summer camp class today / morning sky / hellenic statuette / by Philip Tarlow

9:34 am: gotta run; will try to post once we're back tonight

9:21 am: today martin and i will be leading our second photography class, and mikela  with julie, their second pop-up restaurant class. they'll be bringing our class a dish they'll cook up at about 3 pm. which will be a nice break. 

this morning at 5:45, when we took our morning walk, the sky was characteristically dramatic, with monsoonal clouds above crestone peak.


my hand is feeling much better. although the stitches won't be out for another 2 weeks, i may be able to start painting again before that. maybe even by the end of this weekend!

in going through the 8,000+ photos from my iphone catalogue, i'm discovering various treasures from our travels, which i'll post from time to time. these, of exquisite hellenic statuettes, were shot on a trip to paris in 2012.