starting parade 46 / a met drawing / by Philip Tarlow

3:22 pm: this is how parade 46 looked at the end of my painting day. getting up at 5 & taking our walk at 5:45, at about 2 or 2:30, we both crash & have to lie down, which is what i'm going to do now.








crestone peak is a dark blue-black, and the rumble of thunder can be heard. strong storms are moving down the valley from the north and, sooner or later, one is bound to arrive in crestone. 

















1:18 pm: here's the first stage of parade 46

we just got off the phone with our daughter-in-law elena in greece. she just returned from the bank, where she withdrew the 60 euros allowed per person per day. this ongoing uncertainty about the future is very hard on them, and there's no resolution in sight. if the referendum on sunday is a "no," what will that mean? if it's a "yes," will that mean agreeing to the impossible terms the EU is proposing? oy.


















9:43 am: i'm preparing to start work on parade 46, the drawing for which you will see in yesterday's post. i was reviewing one of my drawing books from 2003 and came across this study of ancient sculpture done at the met in NYC. i take tremendous pleasure in making studies in museums, especially the met. 

as usual, i'll post pics of the first stage of parade 46 as soon as they become available.