parade 42 continues / bridge swept away / shumei structure gutted by fire / by Philip Tarlow

1:55 PM update: is this (my post title) a headline from the new york post or what? it's impossible to describe the sensation of actually walking up the creek, (which we're about to do in a few hours) and hearing the deafening roar of the once tame and lazy creek, now a roaring torrent. and as far as the fire, we were attending a meeting yesterday when we heard the very unusual, for crestone, sound of many sirens. as you can see, the fire completely gutted the brand new shumei institute structure, which would have been occupied in a few weeks

here is the current state of parade 42, which i find shocking. shockingly strong? too strong? in any event, somewhat of a departure. I have to spend some time with it. i fear perhaps, in the november exhibition, it may dominate the other paintings in the series. on the other hand, who knows what i may do between now and then. saturday afternoon we'll be manning an slv summer camp booth at an alamosa festival. we've been  organizing the camp, taking place in july.

saturday we'll drive to denver so i can photograph the sidewalk art festival, which is where the material for this painting, as well as parade 30 and 40 came from. when we first attended the festival in 2004, i shot a series of photographs.

the bridge i wrote about in yesterday's post was completely swept away sometime after the photo i shot on the left. on row 2: this structure being built by shumei institute, a japanese spiritual center in the baca grande, was completely gutted by fire yesterday afternoon. it is located less than a mile south of our house and studio. fortunately, the strong winds blowing from the southwest died down while the fire was burning, or we might have been in serious trouble.

1:01 PM update: i'm continuing work on parade 42, and will post photos in a little while.