the greek crisis / parade 45 hanging in our entryway / by Philip Tarlow

4:16 pm: i've had parade 41 here in my studio since it was completed last month. i wasn't completely satisfied with it, so today, having finished parade 45 and not yet begun parade 46, i decided to go back into it. BELOW is the painting as it looked last month, and next to it on the right, today's changes. i'm also planning on introducing a new figure, which you can see on the right.

the ground on the previous version looks darker, but it's not. that's just the lighting in the photo i shot that day.





9:10 am: we brought parade 45 over to the house yesterday, to live with it and see if it holds up to scrutiny.

7:50 am: read this post from the daily kos to get a handle on the current crisis in greece and the entire EU. it's an excellent overview, and one you won't find reported in the news media. mostly because it's ACCURATE, but also because it's a tough pill to swallow. see if the bit about the role goldman sachs played in greece's unfortunate acceptance as an EU member country doesn't turn your stomach.

more when i get to the studio and begin my selection process for parade 46.