last night's summer camp open house / continuing work on parade 45 / by Philip Tarlow

3:26 PM: here's the current state of parade 45, at the end of my painting day. considering the afternoon was punctuated by a strong, albeit brief thunderstorm, i got a lot done. i was also using colors squeezed onto my palette yesterday, some of which tend to dry up a bit overnight, making them not as buttery and fun to work with. but i hate to waste colors. tomorrow i'll squeeze out fresh ones.






i must say, the geometric pattering of the floor is a huge turn on for me, and transports me to vermeer's most amazing self portrait, the art of painting, where he is seated on a stool painting with his back to the viewer. he loved those tile floors, i suspect for the same reason i do: the create an abstract pattern which is a great foil for the curves of the figures and, in my case, allow the views from above, with their foreshortening, to pop more.


some of the attendees last night

we had more people attending than i had anticipated: about 22 guests, along with some of the teachers, who gave brief descriptions of their classes. that resulted in more enrollments. plus we got to meet some great kids and their parents, a few of whom are now going to be taking some of the classes, including the one i'll be teaching along with martin: photography. before the open house we had a great meeting about testing our educational product, actionlab,  in a few alamosa schools this fall. the funding has been generated, and the teacher we're collaborating with is super excited, as are we.