temperature record tied/ starting parade 45 56"x12"/ in our bedroom / by Philip Tarlow

2:54 pm: fried i am.

the unusual for our area heat continues but should break tonight, with possible thunderstorms. right now it's 87 and i should really crank up my big swamp cooler, or evaporative cooler as it's known. but i'd much rather spend my time painting. i got a good start today on parade 45. thus far, it's closer to the dutch genre painting ideal that formed in my soul in my early twenties, living in NYC and spending lots of time in the MET drinking in their collection of 17th c. dutch masters. so i can't wait to get back to work tomorrow. but we have to leave for a summer camp event at about 2pm, so it will be a short day. if i can get an early start, as i did today, i'll be able to get some more done on this painting.

BELOW: the painting as it looked at the end of my painting day today. that fabulous silky black was achieved with the help of the artfix portrait linen, quadruple primed with a very fine, sensitive surface. and a black i've been using since i bought a tube from blick as an experiment, made by schminke in germany and called black iron oxide. in german: eisenoxidschwartz. leave it to the germans to combine the whole fucking thing into one word. the combination of this fantastic color and the portrait linen gives a silky matte surface: exactly what i wanted.

gotta clean up, go back to the house, take a shower and hang with mikela. tonight we'll watch our 4th episode of sense8,  by the wachowski brothers, on netflix. we're already wondering what we'll do once we get through all 12 episodes.

11:56 am:  stage 1. listening to rev. gary davis. you know him? nobody like him. nobody i say.

10:10 am: the drawing for parade 45, 12x56" i'm about to stretch the portrait linen, squeeze my colors onto the palette and begin painting.

DETAIL: lassia  50x50" mixed media on canvas

8:45 am: this is a detail of lassia, a 50"x50" collage on canvas which is in our bedroom

8:35 pm last night, a storm develops to our south

yesterday was hot for crestone/baca. we tied the record high for the date: 90 degrees F. in the evening, clouds gathered thunder was heard along with flashes of lightening, but the storm was to our south, at the great sand dunes national park. there's a possibility of thunderstorms today through saturday, and the unusual heat will subside starting tomorrow.

it's 7:30 am, and i'll be at my studio by about 9:30 to stretch the linen and begin parade 45. pics of stage 1 as they become available.