final tweaks on parade 44 / looking back & further back / additions to my "favorites" page / next up...... / by Philip Tarlow

4:32 pm update: so i completed the drawing. the composition involves a few construction workers with red & yellow hard hats. it's vertical, so it's severely cropped and satisfies my appetite for figures viewed from above, interacting enigmatically. i haven't stretched the linen yet, but that won't take long tomorrow morning, and if i arrive at the studio early, i might be able to start painting by 10. i do have a sense of urgency because of the approaching hand surgery and resulting interruption of my work.

here's a link you can copy & paste to your browser, with a pretty good guardian article on the situation in greece.

2:46 pm update: next up will be a skinny-boy. love these shapes. this one will be 56x12" and based, once again on images shot from above at DAM last week. i'm just now stretching the portrait linen.

today i'll be making the final tweaks to parade 44. yesterday i made 2 small collages. in order to make these collages, i have to use my right hand to press the various pieces of papers i mount on the surface to create the collage. in so doing, i realized last night, i put stress on my trigger finger. so i had a fair amount of pain last night, and realized i can't make any more collages until my trigger finger surgery july 13th. i'm hoping it will have healed enough to be able to use my right hand again in this way by early august. we'll see. ok, ok, no more about my trigger finger. enough already.

parade 25  32x78"  

LOOKING BACK: parade 25, painted in february, 2015. that's a richard serra in the lobby of MOMA. this painting is 32x78" click on "parade series" under the "works" drop down menu to view the entire parade series to date.


LOOKING FURTHER BACK: parade 17 was one of the smaller parade paintings, at 16x16." what sets it apart is the introduction of collaged, abstract elements. i had the thought when i completed it that this might be a doorway to a new parade direction. so far, it hasn't happened. but i keep looking at this painting and one other in the same category and dreaming of what might be.

parade 17  16x16"


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