switching it up / by Philip Tarlow

6:32 PM update: just watched a PBS special on tanglewood. have a look at my "story" page to get a sense of why tanglewood is in my heart. i was teared up throughout the entire program. at birchwoods, the camp in the berkshires i attended every summer for two months, from the age of 5 to 15, it was a tradition to pile onto busses and go to tanglewood and jacobs pillow twice a summer. the entire experience was magical, including the one hour bus ride from camp, near the town of huntington, to tanglewood and back. we sang. we joked.....and at tanglewood we spread our blankets on the huge lawn, lay down and as it grew dark and the stars appeared, i travelled to other realms. we had planned to go next week and stay with our friends in great barrington, but had to cancel. too much work to get done by august. but next year, for sure. the berkshires is where, after 9 boring months at school on boring long island, i got to dream, to meet cool kids from NYC and to begin my life long connection to the rock people.

2:50 pm update: i keep saying "OK, now i'm going to get back to work on parade 44," and i keep making changes to these 2 collages! here are the latest:

1:20 pm update: the 2 collages as horizontal compositions; i think they may work better this way. what's your opinion?

11:48 am update: here' s stage 2 of collage 2

collage 2 has now flipped 180 degrees and has more cut-up oil palettes. it's more coherent, but may need more work....i'm starving, not yet having had breakfast, so i'll eat, then see what happens after that.

i make no distinction between this work and what you see in the parade 44 painting i'm working on. both are signs. two different kinds of signs, but signs nonetheless. (see next paragraph) there is however, a big difference in the process

in these abstract collages, my hands try to keep up with my instinct. in parade 44, and the entire series, i find ways of staying connected to my instincts while plotting my next move, and try to remain open to shifting direction when i get the message. 

as i said in my 6/19 post, quoting from shiff's text in a book on picassoNature is a thing, a condition, he argued; art is a thing parallel to nature, but different: a sign.

by the way, the fragments of maps you see in each of these collages were given to me by my friend dan, about whom i've written in previous posts.

11:07 am update: as i was making mikela's second thermos of coffee, she came upstairs & let me know what she was up to in her work on actionlab. she is making a shift, and needs some support. could i, she asked, make a small collage? that would shift my energy and support the changes she is making. in case you haven't noticed, we're connected in that way.

so here are 2 small collages in progress, each 13"x5" they do indeed represent a shift in energy from previous collages, and are, actually, just what i needed. of course they also represent a big shift in my energy, from the way i work on the parade series paintings. scroll up the page to my 11:48 update to read more about this.

i'm a little stuck in my work on parade 44, and her request could not have come at a more opportune moment. i think i'll continue working on them, and then get back to parade 44, most likely with fresh energy and perspective.