back in my studio/ our trip to denver / by Philip Tarlow

we returned from denver last night, earlier than expected (we had planned to stay over saturday night as well). driving up and back, we encountered very heavy bands of rain, remnants of a tropical hurricane. there was a detour on the 285, both going to denver and returning, due to flooding. fortunately it took us only 8 miles out of our way.

i brought the first 12 paintings to space gallery,  kicking off our new relationship. my work will now be visible of the space gallery web site, although i haven't yet completed my artists statement and bio info:

we had a very good meeting with the two members of our IT team: marc and ken. they are on track to have an early BETA of our site by fall, when we'll start testing it in 3-4 schools. the meeting was all we had envisioned and more. those two guys are so great to work with!

we attended the denver mini maker faire held at the denver museum of nature and science. because of our educational start up: actionlab, we were especially interested in the educational track. we both attended friday night, but yesterday i left mikela there and went to DAM ( denver art museum) hoping to find opportunities to shoot photos from above for my parade series of paintings. i did. so today i'm going through them to see what might work for the next painting in the series, parade 44, which will be 32x78." while i created some very exciting images, and totally enjoyed the late miro exhibition, i was less than excited by the museum itself, which we kept putting off visiting since it's completion almost 10 years ago.


a miro painting ca. 1968

LATE MIRO: i was unaware of the late miro paintings and sculpture. it was impressive and heartening to see him break away from his predictable miro-isms and explore new territory. influenced, by his own admission, by some of the abstract expressionist work of that period of the '60's, he explored refreshingly new imagery in his mid eighties. 

shot yesterday at DAM

DAM: the negative reviews of the DAM building when it first opened were, i believe, spot on. in a nutshell, the architecture overwhelms the art within, to an annoying degree. in my mind, it's an egotistical statement by the architect, which sidelines the whole purpose and raison d'être of this or any museum. paradoxically however, the extreme angles provided me with great material for potential paintings, and i can't wait to get started on the next one.

as always, it's fantastic to be back in crestone. we miss it even after only one day away. in spite of the fact that the mosquito season, which usually lasts about 6 weeks, has begun. as i've said before, this year will likely be an intense one. there's more standing water in the valley than we can ever remember due to record precipitation. our plan is to take our walks in the early morning, before they become too plentiful, instead of late afternoon as we normally do. as i write this, peals of thunder echo through the sangres; indicating we may be in for yet another round of storms.