.71 inches of rain yesterday afternoon/ the cacti are blooming!!/parade 44 prep / by Philip Tarlow

5:32 update: i completed the drawing & will stretch the canvas tomorrow, when i should be able to start work on parade 44

11 am update: as i walked the path to my studio, i looked down at the cacti, as i do every morning, and LO, the first blooms have appeared! they are absolutely beautiful, and very sexy. see for yourselves:

8 am update:yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm with very heavy rain, giving us a total of .71 inches of rain in an hour; a lot for crestone, and a record breaker. after the storm the sun broke through and the light was extraordinary. part of the reason has to do with the complete lack of pollutants in our air, part that the rain cleansed the dust in the atmosphere and part the magic of the light at 8,000 ft., which is our altitude here.

then we had a fantastic dinner: wild caught alaskan salmon cooked with oranges and mango, and accompanied by kale. it was all doused with lime juice. i tried a new beer: josephbrau PLZNR, a czech style lager. i liked it a lot. while in denver i stopped at trader joe's, where you can get single bottles. so i got 5 beers i've never tried, which i'll be sampling over the next week. in addition, of course, i stocked up on my favorite, mirror pond  pale ale, by deschutes brewery in bend oregon. 

today i'll be choosing the image for parade 44, 32x78" and stretching the canvas so i can get started tomorrow. that's it for this 2nd roll of artfix portrait linen, so i'll order more from my friend pierre at savoir faire, the sole importer of artffix linen, from france.