tweaking parade 43 / my walk to the studio-stormy day / by Philip Tarlow

4 PM update: here's how parade 43 looks at the end of my painting day. i've looked at it too much to have a clear opinion, but when i do the all importance sudden glance, it seems to sing. is it really singing? i'll tell you in the morning.

BELOW: the 4 stages of parade 43, with the latest on the left. click on it and then right click to compare versions.

parade 43 at 2 pm today

2 PM update: more adjustments to the right half of the painting have brought it almost to where it needs to be. not quite. a thunderstorm just rolled in, so i have to wait for it to brighten up again. in the mean time i'm preparing to transport the first batch of abstract collages to space gallery on saturday when we've driven up to denver.

parade 43 at noon today

12:05 update: as i pause for a bite to eat, i put the freshly worked painting under my big ceiling fan so it wouldn't drip when i put it back on the easel. so far, i'm not satisfied. i've been working on it lying on a table. the left half is ok; the right half needs work; the greens are too strong.

11:16 am update: some shots on the way to my studio today, of an unsettled, stormy sky and one of the many millions of years old crestone conglomerate rocks i encounter on my 500 ft. walk.

parade 43 at 11 am this morning

when i entered the studio, my critical first glance at parade 43 revealed something as yet unresolved in the execution of the water. it doesn't really look like water as much as a striated surface of some kind. there's no transparency. i'm a little sorry i moved so fast yesterday. i have to be willing to totally fuck it up when i go back into it, because the thinly painted surface has dried, so i'll be overpainting, rather than wet-into-wet. i'll post pics as i go.