"parade37" continues/looking back:1999 / by Philip Tarlow

2:20pm update: i'm stopping for the day. this is the current state of parade 37. today, i'm grateful to alex katz and henri matisse for giving me the gift of their discoveries around pattern and abstract shapes that read equally as arm, garment and as abstract biomorphic shapes.

like eating a fine meal, i am delighting in taking it slow and easy. i finally made my blick order a few minutes ago, which will give me all the stretcher bars i need for the rest of this series. but i will need to order, probably sometime next month, another roll of artfix portrait linen, without which, literally, these parade paintings would not have been possible. i'd like to make a mock up of the main gallery at gremillion & co. fine art, something i've never done, with tiny reproductions of the paintings so i can move them around the walls and see what works best.

if you go to the exhibitions page of my site, you can see what the space looks like.

12:23pm update: more progress on this painting, which, in person, makes more visual sense as the composition fill out. on rows 2 & 3: the stages of the painting thus far. if you click on the 1st stage, row 2 left to make it full screen, then right click on the arrow to the right of each image, you can watch the progress of the painting.

11:39am update: the wooden partition on the lower third of parade 37 has been painted in. it's on the floor under my big ceiling fan drying enough so that it won't drip when i put it back on the easel.

ON THE RIGHT, above: is a detail of maarssen interior, part of a series i made during that period, after visiting our friends gary & loekie in maarssen, in their 18th century house overlooking the river vecht, near utrecht in the netherlands.

once parade 37 has dried sufficiently, i'll put it back up on the easel and continue painting.