caterpillar/continuing work on "parade 37" / by Philip Tarlow

3:16pm update: it's bold. how will it play out? stay tuned.

STAGE 3   parade 37   48x48"  

1:14pm update: this is stage 2 of the painting. as i work i make a mental note of which brushes and colors i need more of, as i'm putting in a blick order today. for some reason, my favorite brushes are out of stock, so i'm trying to find substitutes. 

the composition of parade 37, with it's oversize, bold shapes, is more aligned with where i'm at as a result of the 14 previous parade paintings. larger, simplified shapes which can read as abstract patterning or as clothing, arms, hair are what interest me right now. 




10:30am update: i had some logistics to take care of before continuing work on parade 37, which i'm about to do. as i entered my studio this morning, this little guy was at my doorstep. how many millions of years did it take for him/her to attain this form?