sunrise-moonset/a new roll of portrait linen/preparing for "parade 37" / by Philip Tarlow

creating the 48x48" boundaries of the painting, in order to know where to place the stretcher bar so it's squared up.

5:11pm update: so the canvas for parade 37, 48x48" is cut, the drawing is done and tomorrow morning i'll stretch it and hopefully be able to start painting. this is faster than i was anticipating, and it will be great to start painting again with only a one day break. mikela has meetings in alamosa all day tomorrow,so i'll just work non stop till she returns around 6pm.

the image is based on photos i shot from above in a denver mall.





6:45am update:  a clear morning sky with a bank of clouds resting on crestone peak, announcing the likely formation of afternoon thunderstorms. the national weather service is giving us a 50% chance of thunderstorms after noon today; a repeat of yesterday's pattern, which is common for this time of year. 




BELOW: our morning skies as seen from our east & west living rooms: sunrise over the sangre de christo mountains and moonset over the san juan mountains. on row 2: an update, shot at 2:10pm looking east and, on the right, to the southwest from my studio at developing storm clouds. the area of heavy precipitation in the photo on row 2, left is located in northern new mexico on the colorado border: about 100 miles away as the crow flies.

TODAY IN THE STUDIO: i'll be cutting and stretching pieces of canvas from my second roll of artfix portrait linen, measuring 82"x5.5 yards. this roll will provide the canvas for the final 14 paintings in my parade series. a selection will be made from the entire grouping of 28 paintings for my november show at gremillion & co. fine art, houston.

NEWS: over the next month, a selection of my collage paintings on canvas will be sent to space gallery, 400 santa fe drive, denver. space gallery will now represent my work in denver. my first exhibition at space will take place in the spring of 2016, along with 2 other gallery artists who work in collage.