greek prime minister tsipras attends dimitri's production of the great chimera / by Philip Tarlow

yesterday evening in athens, greek prime minister tsipras attended a performance of the great chimera, a play adapted for the theatre and produced/directed by my son dimitri. it's based upon his grandfather's best selling novel, the great chimera. dimitri also acted in the production.

in the photo on the left, dimitri is second from the left and prime minister tsipras is 5th from the left. and in the photo on the right, prime minister tsipras congratulates dimitri. of course, i feel extremely proud.

copy & paste this link in your browser for the english version of the poreia site, where you will find a synopsis of the plot:

i'm continuing work on parade 33 today. pics when available. on the right: parade 33 when i stopped working yesterday afternoon.







2:22pm update: so today i continued my process of refining and tweaking parade 33 until, just like yesterday around this time, the storm clouds moved in and it became too dark to see the colors properly.

LEFT: it was with trepidation that i began re-working picasso's goat, as he was so beautifully painted. it had to happen though, to keep up with other changes in the painting that made him look pale and timid. no timidity here! this is a picasso goat. vigorous. sexually aroused. a vital m-f goat!

BELOW: i have posted yesterday and today's versions side by side for you to compare. if you click on one and make it full screen, you can right or left click on the arrow to flip back and forth. do you agree that today's version is an improvement?

sometimes when i'm at this late stage of a painting, i instinctively reach for a book on one of the masters i admire. today, it was lautrec. ah-h-h-, lautrec. he transformed his world; the world of brothels, into an intimate and tender experience. clearly, he felt at home with these french prostitutes, and saw their every activity as a warm and beautiful expression of life. 

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today's palette before getting to work. the flesh tones have names like: teinte char, canton rose and vleeskleur