check out yesterday's post with pics of 1st post-winter creek walk/can you find the bunny?/preparing for and beginning parade 41 / by Philip Tarlow

today's palette

8:27pm update: it began to thunder & rain the minute we stepped out of our car. washed out for the second day in a row. 

3:01 PM update: so i did get started on parade 41. right now, as you can see, it's a splash of color in a corner of the 44x44" canvas, and i'm excited about getting an earlier start tomorrow & painting for a full day. this morning was taken up with adding the figures on the upper left to the drawing & stretching the canvas. we're about to go out for a walk, but it's threatening to rain yet again!

find the bunny

8:27AM update: yesterday afternoon we were able to get in our first post-winter walk up north crestone creek, but had to turn back prematurely when mikela...accurately... smelled more rain approaching.

as i stepped out on our porch this morning to blow the chaff from my freshly roasted beans, i spied a bunny under one of the piñons to the east of our house. can you find him?

in an hour or so i'll be walking over to my studio to continue preparations for parade 41. every new painting is an adventure and contains the seeds of unexpected discoveries. so i can't wait, although there is always an edge of fear. i kind of swing between excitement and despair; the recurring feeling that it's all just bullshit!