what will parade 41 be?/continuing stormy weather/FINALLY! / by Philip Tarlow

6PM update: FINALLY! after about 5 months, we were able to take a walk, albeit short, walk up north crestone creek. after about 20 minutes, the skies once again darkened and mikela smelled rain. we started back just in time, and within 5 minutes of getting back to the car, it began to pour and the temperature dropped from 67 to 51 in moments. the record snowfall above 11,ooo ft. has begun to melt, and the creek is roaring to life. my plein air painting period is not far off, and my plan is to change form the square 16x16" canvases i've been using for years to a long narrow shape. switch it up, i say.


3:27 update: the drawing is complete, but i'm considering, in a new move, borrowing a figure from a different image, just because it works compositionally and aesthetically.

BELOW: on the left, the figures as they will appear on the 44x44" surface. on the right, a detail.

2:33 pm update: i finally settled on an image which is different in one respect: i'm taking seated figures from one image i have and isolating them in one corner of the painting. the rest of the space will be a floor from a different image....you'll see once i complete the drawing & post it. just thought i'd fill you in

the eastern sky above crestone peak at 9:30AM

10:15 am update: unsettled conditions persist, as we are now less than an inch of precip away from an all time record. i will momentarily walk to my studio to continue my search for the image that will form the basis for parade 41, 44x44". i'm being far less impulsive about this one, and am more acutely aware that i am choosing the 5/26/15 snapshot of me and my entire visual history to this moment. don't lose track of my passion for foreshortening, combined with the discoveries of the previous parade 40.