so good to be back/continuing parade 33 tweaks / by Philip Tarlow

3:15 update: below are photos of the work i did today on parade 33. i stopped early when the dark storm clouds rolled in from the west and prevented me from accurately seeing the colors. i'll continue in the morning.

on the right: as i drove to town this morning, i saw the lamas grazing near the town of crestone. on the far right: looking west from my studio at thunderheads forming over the san juans this morning around 10am.

9am update: after only 27 hours away, it feel so good to be back in crestone. as i said yesterday, the kids did a much better than expected job with their presentations, and it's looking like we'll be back in the fall to conduct a pilot, and support them with their projects. But this time with a BETA version of actionlab, which means they'll actually be able to use the basic components to create their projects. below, a gallery of photos from yesterday's event.