after the rainbow/breaking into gesture:continued work on parade 39 / by Philip Tarlow

3:24pm update: i'm stopping here today. first of all, i'm so tired. painting is a lot more physical than people suspect. plus, i did some work helping clean up the house for our dinner guests & stressed out my knee. so i'm going back to the house to put some ice on it and prepare for this evening.

that said, i feel good about the work i did today. as i've said before, i work on these paintings as much when i'm away form the studio as when i'm here and actually painting. i love the mystery of these paintings. i love the cropping, which i've learned from so many great artists i have studied and loved. and i love turning the ordinary into a painterly moment in time. or out of time.

parade 39 as it looked at 3pm today.

1:45pm update: current state of parade 39, seen below on the easel

noon update: whilst listening to casals play bach's suites, i broke

DETAIL: parade 39 at noon on sunday, 5/17/15

yes broke into gesture....drawing with the brush like a dervish


8:15pm  may 16, 2015

returning to our house after our walk last night

there were storms yesterday around 6. then there was a rainbow. then we took a walk at 8 and the sky was rich and when we returned home, our house was beautiful against the night sky.